Multi-Purpose Power Extension and Cord Cover Useful in Any Environment

Of all the new items that have been added to C-Line’s product line for this year, the Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover is certainly the most unique. This item is not our typical filing or ID product. Instead, it is a heavy duty item that proves to be very beneficial in a variety of settings.

The features of the multi-purpose extension and cord cover make it a suitable device for the home, office and especially, industrial type of environments. Made from a flexible PVC material, the durable unit makes it possible to use this item even in areas where there is heavy-foot traffic.

Available in 5 or 10 feet lengths, the extension cord feature makes it possible to provide electricity to machines or devices that may not be located close to an electric outlet. Using this product will help provide more flexibility on how you lay-out your factory or office space.

C-Line's Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord CoverThe flexible PVC material makes this item heavy duty and durable even in the roughest of environments.

At the end of the extension cord, there is an outlet with two plugs available for use. The yellow plug cover helps eliminate dirt getting inside the outlet while it is not in-use. This unit is rated at 13 amp and 125 volts. There is also an additional 2 foot lead cord that adds extra length to the product.

Instead of leaving the product’s cord completely exposed, this item has a heavy duty cord cover that is already attached to the extension cord. The cover extends over the majority of the item. The only part of the cover that is exposed is the 2 ft. lead cover, which is typically close to the wall or electric outfit, instead of in the middle of a hall.

Once the all-in-one extension cord with cover is connected to an outlet, simply lay it out across the floor in order to extend power to your computer or another machine. Since the cord is covered, this unit can be used across hallways or other walkways. Not only does the thick cover make it stand-out to people walking in the area, but having the cord covered helps reduce tripping risks.

We have had the opportunity to use this product for some recent tradeshows. Our sales staff have enjoyed using this product first hand, but also found it extremely helpful while exhibiting. If the electric outlet in the booth was located in an awkward position, the 10ft. extension and cord cover could help run the power to where it needed to be. Since this product combines the function of a cord cover with an extension cord, we no longer had to pack multiple items for the show.

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