Multi-Purpose Sorter Does the Organizing for You

By now, most of you could have probably guessed that I like to be organized, and I basically love any products that help me do that.

C-Line’s sample room is full of office essentials that can be used for a variety of things. All the products are pretty self-explanatory, in terms of what they should be used for, but there is one item that I have never understood the benefit of until recently.

C-Line's Heavy Duty Document SorterAll of C-Line’s Sorters will fit in any standard size desk drawer for convenient storage.

The Heavy Duty Document Sorter is a C-Line favorite that allows individuals to sort documents in order to organize pages prior to filing. Simply pull back the divider leaves, a page is inserted and then the leaf is returned to its original picture.

Each divider is made from a heavy-duty pressboard material, which ensures that the divider can handle large sets of documents. This particular sorter has five different indexing systems, making it useful for a variety of situations. Individuals can sort documents alphabetically, numerically (0-2,000),  monthly, dates (0-31) and days of the week.

Alphabetizing invoices prior to filing is the most common use of this item. The Sorter makes it easy to slide documents into the correct category, so that they are already organized prior to filing. I wondered if this item had other uses outside of the norm and after posing this question to some of my colleagues, the responses allowed me to see why this item is so popular.

Here is a look at some of the uses by coworkers shared with me:

  • Homework Organizer: Teacher’s often deal with large amounts of paper. As students turn in documents, the piles of pages begin to fill up. The teachers have to grade the assignments and enter scores into their database. By using the Sorter, they have the ability to eliminate a lot of time taken by filing the page. Instead, the students can turn their homework by placing it under the correct lettered lead. This keeps pages all together, while being sorted.
  • Invoice Holder: Walking through the C-Line office, you see every type of product in use. A staff member said that the Sorter has made life a lot easier for them. As invoices are received throughout the month, they use the numeric labels on the leaves to identify when payment is due. This method helps to avoid misplacing an invoice or forgetting a due date.
  • Work Order File: Throughout the workday, mechanics see a number of individuals and work orders that come in. While many use our shop ticket holders when they are working on the car, once completed, it is helpful to use the Sorter as a way to organize completed work orders. The numeric labeling is used as the date, making them easier to reference.

These are only three of the uses my coworkers gave me. Now, I understand what a time saver the Sorter can be. A product that can reduce time by organizing files for you sounds beneficial to me!

Do you use the Sorter? Share with us your experience below!

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