Multi-Section Folders Organize Show Hand-Outs

If you have ever attended a trade show before, you know how chaotic it can get it times. As you stroll through all the exhibitors, they continue to hand you fliers, brochures and other giveaways.  Many people throw all this information into a show bag and it is never to be seen again.

It seems like the more disorganized your show bag is, the less likely you are to refer back to it to gather information from a company you have met. When I attended a show earlier this month, I decided it was time to make an effort to keep my documents in order while I am at the show.

My biggest concern was using a tool that makes it quick and easy to sort information. Trade shows are typically a continuous flow of people moving throughout the exhibit floor. This type of environment does not support stopping to file hand-outs in an expanding file or binder.

Eventually, I settled on using the Multi-Section Project Folders during the last show I attended. These folders are beneficial in the office, but I was interested to see how they would work roaming the trade show.

C-Line's Multi-Section Project Folders, Clear I labeled the dividers to identify what type of documents should go in each pocket.

The reason why I selected this item was because of the convenience aspect attached to them. Since the folder was already split up into three different sections, it allows me to organize paperwork as I receive it during the show. Not only that, but this folder provided a very quick option that others did not.

I utilized two of the clear folders to store my information. One folder stored all of my show documents with the first pocket displaying the show agenda, second pocket stored the conference and speaker schedule, while the third pocket kept the hotel and travel information.

This folder was conveniently stored in my laptop bag, and it created one place to reference all the show specific information.

When it came to the actual show itself, I used the folder to organize all the hand-outs and brochures I would receive. The pockets identified my interest in the company and the service they offered. The first pocket was for companies I wanted to follow-up with, the second for potential companies and the third pocket was for companies that did not have services that appealed to us.

As I walked through the trade show, I kept my project folder out at all times. After listening to the company’s sales speech, I would ultimately decide where they landed in my organization system, then I would place whatever paperwork they provided in that coordinating pocket. If they didn’t provide additional information, I would be sure to take a business card and file it the same way.

The letter-size folders worked out great for the show. Since they were made out of strong, tear-resistant polypropylene, they were able to withstand travel, in addition to three long show days.

When I got back to the office, it required very little time to go through all my show information. I knew right away what companies were considered to be most important to us, so my work was essentially already done. Using the folders also ensured that the documents remained intact.

What are your thoughts on how I used this product? Any interesting way you have used the multi-section project folder lately? Share with us your thoughts below.

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