Name badges help ease party awkwardness

Holiday event season will be in full swing momentarily. To help your party attendees ward off any jitters that come from not knowing anyone else, think about using name badges. Use this pre-holiday lull (there’s only a few hours left) to brush up on all name badge related posts now.

First, review the many reasons why name tags are a good thing:

  • Make introductions easier – When you cannot remember everyone’s name at the party, you can say “goodbye” to awkward pauses and silences. Just look at their name badge and let the conversation roll.
  • Use the name badge type to help set the tone – If you are going for a more formal atmosphere, think about using pre-printed inserts to with plastic badge holders. If you want a casual vibe, let guests make their own name tags with a marker and self-adhesive tags.

Next, consider your badge options:

  • Hello my name is name tags lets your guests customize their badges. And, it allows for a more relaxed event. For instance, if a guest is named James, but goes by Jim, it would be nice for him to have that option of deciding how he wants to be referenced.
  • Vinyl transparent swivel clip name badge holder are the most popular with customers and, most likely, will be the most popular with your guests as well. The clip allows your guests to wear the badge without marring their clothing.
  • Combo name badge holders provide guests with the ability to use the badge in whichever way is best for them. And it eliminates the need for you to have two types of badges.
  • Eco-friendly name badges show your guests that you care about the environment in a subtle way. Plus, these badges offer many attachment options – from hanging cord to pin to shirt button.

Finally, if you decide to use a badge holder, versus a self-adhesive name tag, remember to you can create custom badge inserts. Download the template for our template gallery.

I think my favorite post was the one about the popularity of the clip name badge.  It is one of the most versatile badges around. Do you have a favorite post? Or something you do to make your guests feel more at ease?

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