Name badges help you during meetings and events

In my previous work life, I used to plan events – holiday client parties, golf outings, regional meetings, and national conventions. At every one of these events, we needed to create name badges for the attendees.  (Nothing is worse than being at a meeting and forgetting the name of the person who just introduced himself to you 30 seconds beforehand.) Even then, before I worked here, I turned to C-Line to fit my meeting supply needs for name tags.

Plastic Name Badge Holders

Plastic Name Badge Holders
The wide range of plastic badge holders include clip badges, pin badges, clip/pin combo badges, and hanging style badges. The many options ensure you find the right badge for your meeting.

For a formal meeting or event with many attendees, I always used name tag inserts with the badge holders. By having the name tag printed and inserted into the name badge holder ahead of time, I was able to avoid having a bottle neck or long lines at the check-in table.

With a badge holder assortment that includes clip style, pin style, clip/pin combo, magnetic, biodegradable and two hanging styles – with an elastic cord and with a blue bolo cord, the options are aplenty.

Also, if you are lucky enough to get the badges back after the event is over, the durable plastic badge holders are reusable for the next time.

Self-Adhesive Name Badges

Self adhesive name badges
Self-adhesive name badges are perfect for less formal events, giving the attendees the option to write their own name, nickname, title, etc.

For meetings and events that are less formal, like a golf outing, the self-adhesive name tags are the perfect solution. It allows guests and attendees to meet and greet each other, but without the formality of a pre-printed badge. Attendees can write their own name or even use a nickname to keep the mood light and fun.

Options include color “Hello my name is” name tags, color border badges and simple plain white.  Even show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness with the Pink Ribbon “Hello” badge.

One more added benefit of attendees wearing name badges, as the event planner, it was always easy to find the person I was looking for. With so much going on and some many people in attendance (many of whom I had never met before), it was sometimes hard to find a certain attendee.  With these awesome badges, there is no more asking around to do to find someone.

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