Name Badges Used to Identify Important Things in Classroom

When it comes to name badges, I think it is a pretty safe bet that everyone has had some interaction with these ID products. Often used at trade shows and group gatherings, the badges help communicate who you are to someone without having to verbally say it.

A friend of mine tried to apply this same logic to her classroom when she began to prepare for the new school year. Her goal was to help her students get acclimated to their new classroom without having to constantly stop class to demonstrate where things were located.

Many individuals would probably post signs to help their students out, but this teacher tried to approach this task a little differently.

The Hanging, Executive Style Name Badges were the product of choice. The durable holders would be able to identify things to students without disrupting class. She used the badges to identify things like backpack hooks, the classroom supply closet, activity storage area and the extra worksheet cabinet.

The features of this particular style came in beneficial when my friend began setting up the classroom. Take a look at why the Hanging Name Badges were a great tool for this creative teacher to utilize.

C-Line's Hanging Style Name Badges - Executive StyleHere the teacher uses the badge to help identify where the supply closet was located in the classroom.
  • Adjustable “Bolo” Cord: The cord is versatile, making it possible to store the badge on everything from door knobs to coat hooks and more.
  • Customizable Inserts: Laser/inkjet inserts allow this teacher to customize the badge right on the computer. Inserts are 4 x 3 in size and fit right in the holder.
  • PVC-Free Plastic Holders: Clear on both sides, my friend decided to make bilingual inserts. The front had the information in English, while the back was in Spanish. This made it easy to incorporate what the kids would soon be learning.
  • Reusable Holders: The plastic holders can be reused. By using the replacement inserts, you can create a whole new set of inserts and use the same holders.
  • Top Loading: My friend did not have to worry about the inserts falling out while they were hanging. Since they were sealed on three sides and top loading, the inserts would be secure.

Although this might not be the traditional way to use these hanging name badges, it still helped to communicate a message without necessarily verbalizing the information. The badges will be a great tool to help students get used of their new classroom.

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