Neon Holders Organize Leads at Trade Show

Shop Ticket Holders are one of C-Line’s largest product categories that have a wide selection for individuals to pick from.  With a variety of sizes and styles, they have the ability to be a handy office product that can be used in several instances.

Although the most common use of the shop ticket holders may be within the industrial industry, my coworkers at C-Line have found other valuable uses for the document holders, specifically the colored vinyl ticket holders.

Recently, some of our sales reps represented C-Line at a large national trade show. During the preparation for the show, those involved opted to provide a unique way for the reps to keep track of leads and potential customers. In the past, we have used a basic project folder to hold all of our prospects’ contact information.

After listening to feedback from last year, we wanted to figure out a way that the reps could sort the leads while at the show, so that all of the information would still be fresh in their mind. The goal was to keep it simple so that sorting the leads did not become a time consuming ordeal.

C-Line's Neon Shop Ticket HoldersTake a look at how we have used the Neon Shop Ticket Holders to keep new contacts at a trade show in order.

The Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holders was our product of choice because in theory, it would allow the reps. to sort based on color. Although we considered organizing our contacts based on where the business was located, we ultimately divided the prospects by follow-up time.

For example, when a potential customer suggested that decisions in their company were being made quickly and they needed to be followed up with immediately following the show, the reps completed the lead sheet and then placed it in the red neon tick holder. Each color stood for a different category that was relevant to the reps.

Since the specialty holder has a metal eyelet at the top, the holder can easily be hung up to make it more convenient to use. We attached all of the completed lead holders to the back of the booth with a piece of string. It kept the confidential information out of the way of visitors, but still accessible to the reps.

The stitched holder, which is made of strong vinyl, can withstand rough environments so it should be able to keep documents safe, while being shipped to and from the trade show. There are five neon colors to choose from, making it easy to stay organized by color-coding documents.

This method was not only effective, but it ended up saving our sales reps the time of sorting through the lead sheets at the end of the trade show. How could the Neon Shop Ticket Holders help in you daily home or work life? Share with us below!

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