Neon ticket holders help with new employee training

Just today I was speaking with an industry colleague about her use of the industrial shop ticket holder. She uses the bright color and dry erase features of the neon ticket holders to give direction and help prioritize projects for her assistant. Her use was so fabulous, I immediately thought to tell all of you about it.

Here’s the scoop – recently, she hired a new assistant.  She needed a way of showing the new employee what projects were important, what would need to be completed that day, which could wait until next week and so on.  As she is in meetings frequently, she needed someone who could take that little bit of direction and go on their own.

She puts papers related to the project in a neon shop ticket holder (yes, the same industrial holder that got its start as a manufacturing product).  Using the colors has made it easier to train the new employee on what types of projects are top priority and which can be placed on the back burner. She writes her comments about the project directly onto the holder with a dry erase marker. Remember, these holders also function as a dry erase pocket. When the project or task has been completed, the holder is simply wiped clean and ready for reuse. How cool is that?

Do you use this holder, or another C-Line product, in an unconventional way? If so, tell me about it in the Comments section below.

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