New Dry Erase Pockets Perfect Storage Place for Weekly Meal Plan

Planning ahead is a helpful way to get organized and stay on track. Prior to grocery shopping, I have always tried to plan ahead what I was cooking throughout the week. Recently, I began writing the meal plan out at the start of each week. Doing this has kept us on track and helped avoid detouring from the plan.

In the past, I was using C-Line’s Reusable Dry Erase Pockets to store the weekly plan. Every week I would insert a schedule printed on letter-size paper into the holder. Next, I would write out the meals for the week directly on the dry erase surface.

My system was worked out great. Since these pockets were sealed on three sides, I would have to remove the holder from the bulletin board in order to insert the page without damaging it. Recently, C-Line introduced a new type of dry erase pocket that I decided to test out.

The Super Heavyweight Plus Dry Erase Pockets have very similar design to C-Line’s other pockets. The super heavyweight vinyl makes them a durable place to store pages, while also providing a smooth dry erase surface to write-on and reuse. The eyelet at the top of the holder makes it possible to hang the pocket and keep information like our meal plan visible.

C-Line's Super Heavyweight Plus Dry Erase Pockets, Assorted Primary ColorsOur weekly schedule with this week’s meal plan has been posted!

This new pocket did have a unique feature that was very valuable to me because of how I was displaying the information.

Instead of being sealed on three sides, this holder had an easy load design, which meant that there was an additional opening halfway down one side of the pocket. This feature made it much easier to slide documents in and out of the holder without having to remove it from the bulletin board.

Another difference with this holder is the cloth used around the binding edge. Not only will the fabric edging make the pocket visually appealing,  but it also increases the lifespan of the holder.

Although commonly used by students as a study tool, this reusable dry erase pocket was a great place to store my meal plan. Not only could I plan ahead, but if there was a change in the meal schedule, I could simply erase and adjust without any confusion.

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