New File Jackets Have Unique Write-On Feature

Many C-Line employees utilize our products to organize their paperwork at the office. One of the most popular products is the Write-on Project Folder. Those who use this product appreciate the full-length tab on the folder, since it provides a large area for details when labeling the file.

Since this write-on feature has proved to be so successful, our marketing department has decided on introducing a new product for 2014 that has similar qualities to the popular project folder. The Write-on Poly File Jackets are capable of providing storage and protection to your letter-size documents, while helping users properly label the file.

The file jackets have expanded on the write-on feature by adding a front panel area in addition to the full-length tab. The panel is lined to help organize additional notes that need to be made on the folder. Pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker will all work on the write-on part of the folder. Sometimes, I even use erasable pen so that the file can be reused.

While the new file jacket has similar features, there are some important differences to note between the two products. Unlike the project folder, which is sealed on two sides, the file jacket is sealed on three sides, but still has the ability to expand up to 1 inch in size.

C-Line's Write-on Poly File JacketsThe colors that are represented in the assortment are new to C-Line, but they have been well received by our customers and employees.

Although both items are available in a color assortment, the colors themselves are very different. The new file jackets are unlike any colors that C-Line has used in the past. The colors are professional, but still provide a pop of color to help identify folders, which is helpful when trying to organize by color. The assortment includes 5 each of amber orange, lime green, charcoal gray, raspberry red and steel blue.

These letter-size file jackets have truly taken the write-on technology to another level. What I love most about this product is that you can keep track of your progress on projects or tasks by writing directly on the file. I have used the front panel as an area to write out “To-Do” lists or important notes, which is beneficial because others can be aware of my progress by simply looking at the file.

Similar to the project folder, the long, write-on tab is perfect for providing a detailed label, dates, etc. to ensure that the file does not get confused with another. Being as specific as you want on the tab is what helps access information quickly versus shuffling through unorganized files searching for information.

I am excited to get to use these file jackets more in the future. C-Line’s employees have seen the benefit of these file jackets in a short amount of time. Have you tested this new product yet? If so, share with us your thoughts and how you used the Write-on Poly File Jackets.

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