New Product Alert: Fit Your Expanding File in Any Standard Backpack

A backpack file and expanding file in one? If you are wondering if this is another April Fool’s joke, it is not. C-Line came up with an innovative idea that merged the two items to create the 7-Pocket Vertical Backpack File. What makes this Backpack File so unique?

It’s fits in a backpack! The Vertical Backpack File can fit into a standard backpack. It is lightweight and most importantly all letter-size subject files can be stored inside it. Its compact size makes it easier to carry around. However, if you are more hardcore and have a lot more papers you can easily fit more than two backpack files into a backpack. The heavyweight poly with gray reinforced, stitched edging gives the file extra durability that can endure students or office workers’ usage. In addition, the button and elastic closure on the backpack file makes it more accessible to paperwork.

C-Line's 7-Pocket Vertical Backpack File The Vertical Backpack File opens along the short side and easily fits into a backpack.

It’s an expanding file! The inside of the backpack case has a filing system, which contains seven pockets and six tabs. The file can sort and store at least a semester’s worth of paper or more. When you are sitting down doing paperwork, you can expand the backpack which allows it to hold more paper, documents, catalogs or more. There is also an additional pocket in front for extra storage that can expand because of its gusset (No, this is not a secret!). Plus, there are colored pre-printed tab inserts that minimizes work for you by organizing pages by day or month. If you would like to write on your own tab, simply flip the tab over to the blank side and create whatever design you would prefer.

It’s colorful! These backpack files are not the typical primary color or jeweled toned color, but come in the bright assortment of green, orange, turquoise, purple and yellow. You are able to find their backpack files with ease even when misplaced due the vibrant colors. Also, you can color coordinate your documents into different categories.

C-Line's 7-Pocket Vertical Backpack FileOrganize 8-1/2” x 11” size documents inside the file by using the seven pockets and six dividers to sort the information.

What is not to like? Two birds, one stone. Now, you won’t need to carry two separate items and you can look stylish at the same time. What do you think about C-Line’s new 7-Pocket Vertical Backpack File? Let us know in the comments below.

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