New Product: Dual Pocket Stitched Expanding Shop Ticket File Jacket

You needed space; we gave you space. You needed pockets; we gave you pockets. You needed eyelets; we gave you eyelets.

Our new and exciting Dual Pocket Stitched Shop Ticket File Jacket has almost everything you could want. With all the space you get, how can you be anything but organized.

Two large pockets hold almost everything you need. The larger 12” x 9” pocket will accommodate large catalogs, books, magazines, or a multitude of related documents. This pocket can hold 350 sheets of 8-1/2” x 11” size pages. The File Jacket has a 1-1/4” expanding fabric gusset for maximum storage. The smaller 12” x 6” pocket will accommodate notes, keys, pens/pencils/markers, or other small items.

C-Line Products CLI43401 Dual Pocket Expanding Shop Ticket File Jacket

As the saying going “Two heads are better than one.” If that’s true, doesn’t it stand to reason that three eyelets are better than one. More is more. Especially when it comes to document hanging. More eyelets means more options of where you can hang your File Jacket in the office or shop. Three eyelets on this File jacket mean you can hang it almost anywhere there is a hook, hanger or nail available.

The File Jacket is sealed on three sides and have. A reinforced header and stitched edges increase the longevity of this product greatly.

Learn more about the wide variety of shop ticket holders at C-Line.

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