New Product: Homework Connector™ Folder

You asked for it. You got it. Because it’s excellent at transporting homework to and from school, the Classroom Connector™ Folder (which holds up to 50 sheets of paper and has a “LEFT at Home” pocket and “Bring RIGHT Back to School” pocket) was a big deal when it arrived on the scene. While homework documents can easily fit into two-pocket folders, students needed more space to carry workbooks and homework back and forth from school. That’s why C-Line created Homework Connector™ Folders. They are an even bigger deal!

C-Line Products CLI32000 Classroom Connector Folders

Classroom Connector™ Folder
C-Line Products CLI33001 Homework Connector Folders

Homework Connector™ Folder

These Folders can store workbooks up to 9” x 12” x 1” and use reinforced stitched edging to provide durability and extend the folder’s life. Featuring a colorful 1” fabric gusset, the folder comes in assorted colors: black and red. The fabric expanding gusset maximizes the folder’s capacity and also increases its durability. The front and back of the folder, along with the interior pockets, are made of clear heavyweight vinyl, making it easy to see what’s inside. The pockets have a hook and loop closure to keep contents secure. So, you know what’s inside, and what’s inside stays inside. Making any student feel secure.

Homework Connector™ Folders are perfect to tote all your documents to and from school.

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