New Product: Safety Striped Shop Ticket Holder

We have new products that you want. One of our newest items, and what we expect to be one of our most popular, is the Safety Striped Shop Ticket Holders. Why, you might ask, will these be so popular? Good question, we might respond.

The reason these will probably be very popular is because they blend two great ideas (think peanut butter and chocolate). They combine OSHA colored stripes with shop ticket holders. Bright unique patterned designs feature OSHA colored stripes printed along the edges of the holder helping to draw employee and/or visitor attention to the document displayed within the holder. These stripes help identify important documents and information inside. Holder colors include Yellow/Black diagonal stripes for Caution, Green/White diagonal stripes for Safety, Blue/White diagonal stripes for Information and Red/White diagonal stripes for Danger. Spot the stripe color, know what type of information the holder contains. Meaning, if you’re just looking for safety information, you don’t have to look at every document, in every holder.

C-Line Products CLI44100 Safety Striped Shop Ticket Holders

These holders are perfectly sized at 9 x 12, so you can easily fit 8-1/2 x 11 or larger documents inside. The center eyelet allows you to hang the holder almost anywhere, using a nail or hook. Welded, non-rip seams hold up exceptionally well in harsh environments.

Learn more about the wide variety of shop ticket holders at C-Line.

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