New Product: Super Heavyweight Plus Shop Ticket Holder with Zipper Seal

Have you been waiting since 1982 when Michael Jackson’s Beat It jacket was popular to again start wearing all your over-zippered clothing? Who hasn’t?

Recently zippers seem to be back in style. Woohoo! Based on some of the clothing women are wearing with zippers on the arms, on the fronts, and on the backs, zippers are certainly making a big fashion comeback. And C-Line Products has them just for you! Check out the zipper on our new Super Heavyweight Plus Stitched Shop Ticket Holder.

C-Line Products CLI43301 Super Heavyweight Plus Shop Ticket Holder with Zipper Seal, Stitched

This Stitched Shop Ticket Holder has a unique zipper closure that makes it ideal to store work orders and operator manuals in industrial environments. But you can store many other items in many different environments in this holder. You will find this holder comes in mighty handy. It’s a top loading holder with a real zipper that provides a durable seal that holds your documents securely inside, keeping them safe and sound from falling out. The stitched edging and super heavyweight vinyl help to extend the longevity of this holder.

These shop ticket holders are perfectly sized at 9” x 12”, which will easily fit 8-1/2” x 11” or larger documents inside. If fashion is your thing, or you just love zippers, or you want the hottest new shop ticket holder, check out our Super Heavyweight Plus Shop Ticket Holder with Zipper Seal.

Learn about the wide variety of shop ticket holders at C-Line.

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