New Technology Helps Develop Singing Sheet Protector

C-Line is always looking for ways to incorporate new technology into our products. Our goal is to provide top of the line items that help to keep you organized at home and the office.

Finally, it is time to reveal the most cutting edge product we have ever manufactured. After working tirelessly with engineers, scientists and our product development staff at C-Line, we have created an office product unlike any others.

The Singing Sheet Protector is ready to be released to the public! Yes – we said singing.

C-Line's Singing Sheet Protector

So how does it work?

Much like our other sheet protectors, this one is top loading and made for letter-size document storage. Insert the document directly into the holder, but be sure to only use one page per holder. In order for the singing feature to work, only one document can be placed in the sheet protector.

Once the page is in this specialty holder, the technology will begin to scan over the document. As it does this, the sheet protector will begin singing the information that is on the page. Once it has gone through all the information on the page, the singing will stop until the document is re-inserted into the sheet protector.

Right now, the singing is in the style of a classical, female voice. C-Line has plans to develop sheet protectors with other singing styles with more of a Hip Hop or Broadway sound. The technology has the ability to do variations of the sounds, so we are excited to explore that in the near future.

After the first use, we anticipate that people will be hooked on this product. Here are a few examples of how the Singing Sheet Protector can be used.

  • Cooking: Slide the recipe in and have the instructions sung to you, so you never have to take your eyes off what you are making.
  • Studying: Take a different approach to studying by making it fun. Place the study guide in the holder and sing along with the sheet protector to help the information stick in your head better.
  • Presentations: Why not start your client meeting out with a little song? Use the holder to musically present you prior to the meeting starting.

These are just a few ways that the Singing Sheet Protector can be beneficial to you. We are excited to get some feedback on our groundbreaking item. Let us know what you think!

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