News Flash: C-Line Announces Industry’s First Big-Data Envelope

Big-data is the new hot topic. Big-data is loosely defined as data sets being extremely large that traditional technology is inadequate to deal with. Sounds a bit overwhelming? No worries, with C-Line always being at the front end of technology, we’ve got you covered! You have a big-data storage problem? We have a “Big-Data” Solution!

C-Line’s engineering, IT, marketing and product team created the industry’s most cutting edge product – Big-Data Envelope.  Our latest product, the XL Reusable Envelope, has incorporated the big data modern technology where it can store, manage and process data to reveal trends related to users’ habits and daily life.The Big-Data Envelopes come in five stylish colors that allow documents to be inserted and analyzed. Every file inserted in the envelopes can be viewed from the outside due to its translucent material.  Most importantly, as more files are added into it, the envelope will automatically sort the contents into various categories and save it on to users’ private drive.

C-Line's Big Data EnvelopeInsert documents into the Big-Data Envelope and let it automatically do its job.

With the different colored envelopes, the Big-Data Envelope is also able to break down information into finer categories when users color code their documents. Once all information is uploaded onto the drive, users may take documents out and insert new ones.

To access all data, users can connect on their drive and make further edits. Don’t worry about losing your files because the information put into the Big-Data envelope is saved instantly. Also, users can be assured that papers will not fall out with the hook and loop closure on the envelope.

How does the Big-Data Envelope work?

  1. Insert documents with any type of information (Educational, Banking, Retail, etc.).
  2. All documents are instantly saved and sorted onto users’ personal drive.
  3. Access all information by connecting to personal drive.
  4. Analyzed data will provide insights about personal habits and trends.

These Big-Data Envelopes will be coming to a store or site this summer. Pre-purchase them before they run out!

For more information on the Big-Data Envelope, please click here.

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