No-Hole Sheet Protector Provides Clean, More Professional Appearance

Being in the office product industry, I tend to pay attention to how people or businesses choose to use our items.

Someone deciding to use an expanding file over a document case or folder instead of a report cover often comes down to a personal decision. However, there are sometimes that a different product within our line can make much more sense.

One of the biggest examples of this is when individuals use sheet protectors that are hole punched to protect documents even though they are not storing these pages in binders.

I have seen two examples of this in the last week, and had to share!

While attending a taste testing at a local research company, I noticed that the directions located in each tasting cube were stored in a standard sheet protector that was hole punched. Then over the weekend, I went out to a local restaurant and the daily specials were placed inside our standard weight sheet protector.

C-Line's No-Hole Sheet ProtectorsThe no-hole feature provides a cleaner appearance to documents that are being stored loosely.

The hole punch reinforcing strip is a great feature to utilize if you plan on storing the page in a binder. If not, C-Line has another option that provides a much cleaner overall appearance if you plan on storing the page loosely.

The No-Hole Sheet Protector provides all the same durability as C-Line’s other heavyweight sheet protectors. The only difference is that this holder does not have the three-hole punched binding strip.

Clear on both sides, this sheet protector can store and display up to two, letter-size documents. The polypropylene material is acid-free with archival-quality eliminating the risk of photocopy transfer from occurring.

Since this holder functions the same as any sheet protector, users can expect the same level of protection as the other holders. Use this sheet protector to store documents that are left out for customers, employees and students to view without having the extra punched binding edge on the side.

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