Old School Briefcase VS. Modern Document Case Face-Off

We meet again, C-Line office supply connoisseurs! Did you know the first modern rectangular briefcase was introduced in the 1850s? Wow, I know that was over 150 years ago! Briefcases have been an essential accessory for businessmen around the world because of its convenient and practical use.

However, over time, fashion and people needs have changed. So, the old-school leather and metal framed briefcases owned by your grandparents are probably just sitting under their bed collecting dust. Some of you might be wondering where do I find a “briefcase” that has the same functions of storing documents and being fashionable at the same time?

C-Line's Extra Large Document CaseOld big bulky suitcase vs. Modern lightweight and portable document case

You came to the right place because C-Line’s Extra Large Document Case would be perfect for you! This over-sized document case has a fabric gusset that can expand to 3-1/2 inches wide, enabling it to hold up to 500 sheets. It is also available in letter and legal sizes that comes in 5 different colors. Do you know what that means? You can store all types of documents, pens, and folders in style. The elastic closure and the acid-free polypropylene material can safely secure all your materials. Besides being suitable for business people, it’s great for all other users as well.

Teachers can put their books inside the document case and take it to their classes. Having all their course material in this spacious and portable case, keeps them organized and ready for their day to begin.  For teachers, this would be like a portable file cabinet for them.

Travelers may use this case to store their passport, files, and small tablet. Even the unorganized people will appreciate this one pocket document case because every item that is kept in it would be accessible without fussing and fumbling with different folders.

C-Line's Extra Large Document CaseThe Extra Large Document Cases come in jewel tones, plaid, and circle designs.

In addition, if you want to be extra organized you may insert your own dividers inside the document case. For the fashionable business people, we have a plaid and circle design of the document case, which will give you that chic but professional look.

Compared to the old fashioned brown leather briefcases, the extra-large document case is not only light weight, which makes it easily portable, but also trendy. Its acid-free polypropylene and fabric material makes it more sturdy, while the different color/pattern allows you to choose what fits your personality!

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