Organize With Colors

For me, being organized is a tool that allows me to utilize my time better in order to be more productive. Instead of searching through my desk for information necessary to a project, everything typically has a specific place, which makes it more accessible.

This is especially important in helping me manage my graduate courses. This semester I am enrolled in three classes, which makes for a lot of information, projects and notes.

In the past, I have typically used poly portfolios to store all my documents for one particular class. However, keeping everything separate made it difficult to reference other classes or get reading done if I didn’t have every folder with me at all times.

This semester I decided to utilize a 3-Ring Binder with Colored Sheet Protectors to organize all my classes in one location. Here is the system I have set-up for easy reference and accessibility of all my information.

  • In order to noticeably separate each class, I have utilized the Colored Sheet Protectors. Since they come assorted, you can pick from red, yellow, green, blue or white to customize the binder. In these pages, I have placed my course syllabus and schedule. It is a general way to begin that course’s section and makes important information stand-out.
Colored Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Check out my binder! Using colored sheet protectors not only makes staying organized easier, but it also looks pretty.

  • Next, the Colored Edge Sheet Protectors will be placed in each course’s section. These unique polypropylene pages have lengthwise colored edges and reinforcing strips. The colors coordinate with the Colored Sheet Protectors, making it easy to maintain the color-coding theme. These sheets can be utilized to hold hand-outs, lectures notes and competed projects. It is easy to add more as the semester continues and more information is gathered.
  • Although I have not decided to use these in my binder, there is another C-Line product to use that will make you become even more organized. The Sheet Protectors with Tabs would be able to identify various sections in the binder. It could be utilized for each course section or it could even break up individual pages within that particular area.

Regardless of how you may choose to combine and use these products, it makes organization even easier to accomplish since these products work well together based on their abilities to coordinate through similar color options.

Have you used any Colored Sheet Protector products in the past? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Randy Says:

    Having two children in school, I know that this is an excellent way to help organize their hectic schedule, thanks for the examples

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