Organized Ornaments Makes Putting up the Christmas Tree Easy

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is over we can now put up the Christmas tree without being judged. However, are you struggling to get the ornaments out of storage because you were too lazy to organize them when you were putting them away last year? Use C-line’s Write-On Poly Bags to help you sort your ornaments this year.

I got this idea while I was unpacking ornaments that were stored away by my mother. She is very organized because she not only sorts them by color, but also based on the significance. Every year every one of us gets a new ornament from each other, and as the years pass we will have a collection of ornaments for our own Christmas trees.

C-Line's Write-On Poly Bags A part of the delicate ornament collection that I unpacked.

The poly bags are waterproof and airtight, which will protect the ornaments from getting dusty or the color of the ornament oxidizing. Plus, the write-on identification panel helps identify which ornaments belong in which bag.

C-Line's Write-On Poly BagsChristmas ornaments sorted in individual Write-On Poly Bags for easy identification and access.

Organizing ornaments might seem too much work, but when the time comes to putting or taking them out it will be a time saver. With this time saver, you now can spend your extra time relaxing and enjoying the holiday. How do you sort your ornaments? Share with us in the comments below.


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