Organizing for the Holidays: A Recipe for Success

Are you a good cook? Can you add a pinch of this and a dash of that and create the most scrumptious dish known to man? Or do you need to rely upon handy dandy recipes? Ones you’ve picked up from friends, family, websites or cookbooks over the years? Recipes that get used and reused time and again? And if so, are you that anal person who knows where your recipes are filed. All alphabetical, in descending calorie order, listing carbohydrate and protein grams, plus the best time to buy seasonal produce, and where. A recipe you can easily locate in your perfectly manicured file folder in your meticulous file cabinet.

Or are you one of those people who has one folder marked “Recipes”.  In this folder, nothing is sorted or organized and all your dishes, food, dessert, and drink, co-mingle together. If so, you’re like me!

This year, as the holidays approach I started to think that maybe I should organize my recipes. Do you feel the same? Do you have a difficult time finding what you’re looking for in your “Recipes” folder? Does it take longer to find a recipe than to cook it? You’re not alone. This year it’s time to create a recipe binder.

The C-Line 1” Binder and Colored Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors come in handy to help you create a recipe binder. The 1” Binder also has a pocket so you can put recipes there until you can organize them.

Steps to Creating Your Recipe Binder

  1. Divide your recipes into 5 different categories.
    Main Courses
    Side Dishes
  2. Create a color-code sheet for the front of your binder, listing which color is used by which category:
    Desserts = Blue
    Appetizers = Yellow
    Main Courses = Red
    Side Dishes = Green
    Drinks = Clear (Non-Glare)
    Color Code as you see fit but keep it to five. There are 5 colors in the box of protectors and 50 per box.
  3. If you have a lot of one type of recipe you can do these things.
    Either buy more of the multicolored poly protectors above.
    Buy less expensive clear sheet protectors and put those behind the colored sheet protectors.
    Put the recipes you don’t use often together in one protector.
    Put them all in a large Super Heavyweight Poly Binder Pocket (as I did in the image below, with a grouping of recipes from one person).
    This might depend on budget and how nice you want your Recipe Binder to look. If it’s going to be used and seen by a lot of friends and family, invest in the more colorful sheet protectors since first impressions count!
  4. Lift (the sheets from the original folder) and separate (into the correctly colored sheet protectors).
  5. Finally, organize all your recipes in your binder.

Viola! No more mess. Now you have a recipe binder where you can capture your family’s most cherished hand me downs, all organized and easy to use.

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