Panoramic Sheet Protector Used When Assembling Photography Portfolio

A family member, who is currently studying photography in college, asked if we had any type of storage that would be helpful to her since she is trying to assemble her photo portfolio. I thought something like C-Line’s 12 or 24-Pocket Presentation Book would work for her. However, she had various size photos that would need to be accounted for.

After taking a look at C-Line’s array of products, I mentioned the Panoramic Fold-Out Sheet Protector to her. I thought using this style holder would allow her to store pages ranging from 8 ½ x 11 up to 17 x 11 in size. This sheet protector would be able to provide the amount of flexibility that she was looking for.

My cousin agreed that this would be a great addition to her portfolio. The polypropylene sheet protector would provide protection of her photos, while also being able to display them in a professional manner. Since the holder is made of archival quality material, the photos will not be subject to any photocopy transfer that can occur with other types of sheet protectors.

C-Line's Panoramic Sheet ProtectorThe sheet protector is folded out so that it is displaying two letter-size documents side-by-side.

Since the holders are already three-hole punched, it makes sense to store them within a standard 3-ring binder. In order to properly store these pages in a binder, the holder must fold-in so it does not stick out. The center loading design allows for up to 4 – 8 ½ x 11 sheets to be stored within one sheet protector. This provides maximum capacity to the photography portfolio.

For those large images that my cousin wanted to store, she decided to break the image itself up into two different pages. Although it would present as one page, storing them as two letter-size sheets of paper helps avoid any creasing on the image when the page was folded-in.

Once the portfolio was assembled, my cousin was impressed by how the pages were able to create a story of how she has evolved as a photographer. Being able to fold-out each page provided an additional element to the portfolio that she was not expecting.

The Panoramic Sheet Protectors have the potential to be used for everything from a photography portfolio to professional, business-type presentations. This design could be useful to display large graphs or reports that take up more than a letter-size page.

Tell us about your experience with this specialty size document holder. Why have you chosen to incorporate the Panoramic Sheet Protector in your presentations in the past?

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