Pencil Cases, Poly Bags and Shop Ticket Holders Valuable When Flying

The season of travel is upon us. With thousands of people traveling to visit relatives for the holidays, it can make for a particularly hectic time to travel. Many people like to be as prepared as possible in order to eliminate any delays or mishaps during their commute.

While C-Line’s products are typically used in office settings, many items are especially useful when flying. Whether you are looking for ways to contain liquids or store valuables in your bag, several products can help make you more prepared when traveling.

Take a look at how some C-Line employees have used our products to help while traveling.

C-Line's Pencil Case, AssortedIn preparation for a trip, a fellow C-Line employee should me how she used our products to help get her organized for travel.

Pencil Case = Jewelry Holder

Even though there are travel jewelry holders, one C-Line employee got creative when packing for a last minute trip. They used the pencil case holder to store their jewelry during a cross country flight.  The durable polypropylene holder features a snap closure that ensures that valuables remain secure. The case comes in an assortment of colors, so it is definitely an option to have his and hers makeshift jewelry cases.

Once the employee got to the destination, she said that she just left the items in the case. When she wanted to wear a piece of jewelry, she would simply unlock the closure and slide out the holder. She described the pencil case as being a travel jewelry drawer that served a purpose during travel and even while on vacation.

Write-On Poly Bag = Liquid Concealer

With airline restrictions, it is required that liquids are stored in a clear plastic bag. Fortunately, C-Line has a wide variety of poly bags to choose from. The one closest to the permitted size is the Write-on Reclosable Small Parts Bag, which is 5 x 8 in size. The bags are clear, so the contents can be viewed by security, if required. There is a unique identification panel, which allows the bag to be labeled based on what is being stored.

Once the zipper seal is securely fastened, the bag becomes waterproof. This is an essential feature when traveling. It eliminates the concern that shampoo or lotion will explode throughout the suitcase, damaging clothes and shoes. The 5 x 8 is a perfect size for carry-on bags, but C-Line has larger sizes available if needed for bigger storage.

Clear Shop Ticket Holder = Travel Document Organizer

Keeping flight confirmation emails, passports and boarding passes all together in one location is important when traveling. It makes it easy to have the necessary documents ready for officials at various points throughout the trip. Recently, a C-Line employee used the 5 x 8 Vinyl Shop Ticket Holder to keep track of this paperwork.

The holder is clear on both sides, so he was instantly able to determine where things where stored. Because of the compact size, the paperwork can be stored in a pocket within a travel bag. Since there is an eyelet located on the top of the holder, it is possible to tie the shop tick holder into the bag with string to add an extra security feature. Due to the durable vinyl material used, the holder can withstand travel.

What are your thoughts on using C-Line’s product to help prepare you for travel? Have you used them in the past? Share with us below.

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