Plaid Coupon Expanding File Helps Couple Stay on a Budget

It is no secret that everyone budgets their money differently. Some people make a plan at the beginning of the year, and track their expenses electronically to ensure they are complying with their budget. While others stick to the traditional balancing of the checkbook to ensure that their accounts are up-to-date.

The bottom line is that everyone has a different approach to how they manage their finances. One couple that I know has decided to do away with using electronic debit or credit card. Instead, everything is paid in cash, and they utilize C-Line’s Plaid Coupon File to keep them organized.

The 13-pocket expanding file is used to divide up their cash for the month. Each pocket represents a different category within their budget. Since the pre-printed tabs do not apply to their system, these individuals have simply written on the blank, back side of the tab insert, so that they can customize the labels.

C-Line's 13-Pocket Coupon Size Expanding File, PlaidThe tab inserts were labeled on the white, blank side to allow for customization of the labels.

Every two weeks, they take out a certain percentage of their pay checks in cash, and divide it among the pockets in the file. Their philosophy is that if there is no cash left within a pocket, then they are simply not allowed to spend money towards that category until the funds are replenished.

After deciding to operate their finances in this manner, these individuals selected C-Line’s 13-Pocket Coupon Size Expanding File for several reasons. The size made the file a realistic item to be carried around every day. It fit within a briefcase or standard size purse, so cash could remain on-hand.

The plaid design made it a more stylish item to carry with them, instead of simply looking like a typical office product. The black stitched edges help make the plaid pattern stand-out, while adding an extra layer of protection.

The durable poly material provided protection of the cash stored within the file. The button and elastic closure ensured that the document remained closed at all times and the cash stayed secure within the file.

Overall, this organized couple truly appeared to have had a great experience using this product. Fashionable, yet useful, the Plaid Coupon File has helped to create a whole new system for managing their finances.

Have you used the 13-Pocket Coupon Size Expanding File recently? If so, share with us how you used it below.

C-Line's 13-Pocket Coupon Size Expanding File, PlaidThe unique plaid design makes it a trendy item to have on-hand at all times.

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