Plastic sheet protectors are perfect for keeping all of your papers organized – even recipes

Last week, I decided that it was time to straighten out my recipe cabinet. I call it a “recipe cabinet” because it is literally an entire cabinet in my kitchen devoted to food magazines, cookbooks, and random recipes printed from various websites or ripped out of the newspapers.  For years, the clutter has grown larger and higher, until I could no longer fit anything else in the cabinet.  What did I turn to to solve my organization problem? My plastic sheet protectors!

Before I began, I made the decision that all books stayed because they are such great references. If I had a collection of magazines, like years worth of Everyday with Rachael Ray or Everyday Food (yes on both accounts) than the collection would stay. If I just had one or two random issues of a magazine, I would go through it, rip out the recipes that looked intriguing, and recycle the rest.

Now that the magazines and books were in order, I turned my attention to the papers – pages upon pages of website recipes, newspaper clippings and, now, magazines sections.

Recipe binder organized with tabbed plastic sheet protectors

I used standard weight and tabbed plastic sheet protectors to organize my recipes in one convenient spot.

First I sorted the papers by meal type – breakfast, entree, side dish, dessert, etc.

Next, I got to stuffing – no, not turkey – but each recipe into its own dedicated page protector. To ensure the pages held up, since I frequently handle these recipes (and many times while cooking or baking), but were not too bulky, I chose the standard weight clear plastic sheet protector.

Finally, since there were a lot of recipes in the binder, I created section dividers using tabbed sheet protectors. When I need to locate the recipe for my slow cooker omelet, I can immediately turn to the Breakfast section, instead of thumbing through each page until I find it.

Once the recipe binder was complete, I repeated the same routine with all pages of other cooking and baking materials, such as tips, tricks, conversions, substitutions and more.

Below is a picture of what my cabinet looks like today – organized and in order. Maybe it wouldn’t make Martha Stewart proud, but it is a huge improvement on what I was previously working with.

My recipes now organized with the help of my plastic sheet protectors

My recipe cabinet is now organized and I can easily find what I need when I need it – thanks to a little time and my plastic sheet protectors!

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