Plastic sheet protectors can be good for the environment

When I typically think of a plastic product, very rarely does a term like “environmentally friendly” also occur to me.  Did you know that plastic sheet protectors can be made in such a way that is less harmful for the environment?

Check out just a few of the ways this common office product can help you to help the planet’s ecosystem:

Biodegradable Sheet Protectors

With the addition of an additive during the manufacture of the plastic used for the sheet protector, the holder becomes biodegradable, when tested according to the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) D5511. The ASTM testing indicates that the sheet protector will biodegrade in two to five years, when buried in an anaerobic landfill. Because of the wide variation in landfill systems, actual timing may vary. For more information on the biodegradable process, check out our Biodegradable Products FAQ section.

Recycled Sheet Protectors

Some people don’t understand what we mean when we say “recycled”. For this product, it means that the plastic sheet protectors contain at least 70% pre-consumer material. Still aren’t clear?  The plastic used to make this sheet protector was diverted from the solid waste stream before being used by a consumer. While it does meet the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) definition of recycled, it may not meet your state’s definition of recycled because of variances in state legislature.

Recycling the Plastic

Yes, even if the sheet protectors you use aren’t either of the above, you can still help out the environment. All of our sheet protectors are made from either polypropylene or vinyl, both of which are recyclable materials. For our polypropylene sheet protectors, make sure that you are able to recycle number 5 (PP) items. For the vinyl protectors, your recycling facility must be able to accept number 3 (Vinyl or PVC) items.

Recycling programs for all materials may not exist in your area. If you aren’t sure, check with your recycling company or your municipality. In my village, this information is included in our monthly resident newsletter. I am lucky enough to live in a community that accepts all numbers (1 – 7) in their residential recycling program.

Happy Earth Day (one day early)!

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