Poly Envelopes Organizes Items Typically Stored in Cars

While being organized may not be important to everyone, personally, I try to keep order at home and at the office. Whether it is ensuring that specific information is securely stored or using files to sort bills and other documents, I try to make sure that everything has a specific place, making it easy to locate whenever I need to reference it.

The car, however, is one place that I find very difficult to store anything in, let alone keep it somewhat organized. Typically, in the majority of cars, there are two places to store items; the glove compartment and the center console.

C-Line's Reusable Poly EnvelopeHere are my maps in a Poly Envelope, stored in the passenger seat’s back pocket.

At first, it may be easy to throw random items in these sections, but over time things will begin to get cluttered, making it difficult to retrieve anything stored in them. Since it may not be realistic to overly organize things in my car, I decided to start small.

I’ve taken C-Line’s Reusable Poly Envelopes and used them to store everything from pens to road maps. The envelopes are available in top loading and side loading option. For me, the side loading envelope works best since it makes it easy to quickly scan through pages.

After thinking about things I typically store in my car, I have decided to use two different envelopes to divide the information. In one envelope, I store road maps, online direction print-outs, emergency call list and any miscellaneous car related information.

The second envelope contains a variety of items. I tried to think of what I usually need when running errands or what I find myself searching through the car for. Within this envelope, I could now find pens, extra bank deposit slips, mailing envelopes, stamps, moist towelettes, car service coupons, and the list goes on.

Since this envelope was a little random, in terms of the contents, I made sure to use rubber bands or paper clips to hold each one together. Once the envelopes have been filled with material, I have used the pocket on the back of the driver and passenger seats as the storage place of the envelopes.

The string closure secures everything that is inside of the reusable envelopes so that they don’t shift throughout the duration of the car ride. Additionally, the envelope, which is for letter size document storage, typically can expand as the material being stored increases.

Have you used C-Line envelopes in a unique way? Share with us your experience below.

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