Poly expanding file keeps hobby on budget

Recently, my husband took up a hobby – go karting. Given the fact that we bought a house last year, we wanted to set a budget for this new hobby. To keep track of where we were in the annual budget, we decided to save all receipts for purchases associated with the karting sport. To keep the receipts organized, my husband uses the junior size poly expanding file.

junior size poly expanding file, CLI-58710

The junior size poly expanding file in action, holding the hobby budget receipts and coupons.

Anything, from the actual purchase of the kart to buying racing fuel to the time transponder rental on race days, has a receipt and a place for that receipt in the junior expanding file. He decided to separate receipts by month, using the included preprinted tab labels inserts. This way, when the year is over, he can see when the majority of the budget was spent and and plan accordingly for next year.

Plus, he uses the last pocket (which went unused) to hold coupons for a local hardware/tool store. This store carries everything from saws to shop lights to bike racks for your vehicle and everything in between. Since he finds something new that he needs for the race track on a weekly basis, he is frequently there and saving money.

He stores the file in our home office, where his binder of karting rules, regulations and maintenance records is.

When he wants to run to store, he can conveniently take the file with him. Happily, it fits nicely in his glove box, since he doesn’t carry anything with him, other than a wallet, keys and iPhone (i.e. no purse for him, although it could fit in one of those too).

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