Poly Port + Index Dividers are Perfect for Storing Small Reports

Normally, I use C-Line’s index dividers to help organize binders and keep information more accessible. Since they are three-hole punched, they fit directly in our standard three-ring binders. I can also customize the tabs, so the dividers can adapt to whatever I need them to organize.

They combination of binders and index dividers usually works out great, but I recently learned that if you do not have enough pages, the binder can seem empty. When I was asked to put together a brief training manual, I had to think of a different way to organize smaller reports.

I ended up using the Two-Pocket Poly Portfolio with Prongs to store the training manual. Since these portfolios would be going to the whole company, I thought it would be fun to add a little color, which is exactly what the bright, primary colors did.

C-Line's 5-Tab Poly Binder Index Dividers, AssortedHere is an example of how the training manuals looked. The dividers were used to identify new sections in the manual.

Basically, the portfolio was organized similar to how a binder would have been. The prongs acted like the binder rings and were used to store the letter-size manual documents. The additional pockets provided space for employees to store their training notes directly with the manual itself.

The best part about using the portfolio with the prongs was that I was still able to include the index dividers within the manual. Even though there were only twenty pages being stored within the folder, it was still important to use the dividers to organize the documents and create sections within the manual.

The poly dividers are available with and without slant pockets, which can help to maximize on storage space. Since the portfolio already had two pockets, I decided to use the dividers without pockets. Since it was already three-hole punched, I secured the dividers in place by sliding them through the metal prongs.

Each tab would be labeled in order to create sections within the manual and make it easier to find specific information.  I wrote directly on the self-adhesive labels prior to applying them to the tabs.

Once the dividers were in place, I simply had to prepare the documents to be inserted into the portfolio by three-hole punching them. One way to avoid having to do this manually is by using three-hole punch paper. Also, keeping the documents out of the sheet protector will allow employees to make notes directly on the pages, which is appropriate for this particular project.

Finally, I used the “Hello my name is badges” to label each portfolio. Labeling the outside of the portfolio helps to ensure that employees don’t confuse theirs with someone else’s.

What do you think about organizing manuals or smaller reports like this? Have you used the index dividers or poly portfolios for any project recently? Share with us below!

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