Poly Zip Bags – The Best C-Line Product for Travel!

This past weekend, I was able to escape the cold weather of the Midwest for sunny California. And while packing, I was reminded of my favorite C-Line product for traveling and wanted to share it with you – poly zip bags!

Poly Zip Bags with Shoes and Contact SuppliesPutting items in poly zip bags also allows me to begin packing ahead of time, saving a rush right before the taxi arrives.

I use the largest size 13″ x 16 3/4″ (47014) in my suitcase for toiletry items that could open and spill on my clothes, or for shoes, as shown above.  I even pack a few extra to bring home dirty clothes on the return trip. I cannot tell you how many times this product has saved my clothes from a shampoo and conditioner disaster.

For carry-on luggage, I stick with the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size (47911). These bags are not too big, so they never get too heavy to fit in my backpack. And I usually load them up with snacks for the plane – granola bars, mini bags of pretzels, and to-go packets of flavored fiber powder for the empty water bottle that I also make sure to include.

If you don’t have too many carry-on liquids, the 4″ x 6″ (47046) poly zip bag is perfect for the security check point. If that is not large enough, just know the bag cannot be larger than one-quart or 8″ x 7 1/2″ in size. Remember 3-1-1.

All of these bags are clear, which is great getting myself, my carry-on bags and my checked luggage in and out of security without any hassles. And because they are made out of a heavy gauge polyethylene meant for industry, they are tougher than the poly zip bags you would find in your local supermarket.

Happy Travels!

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