Power up with a top loading sheet protector

Happy April Fool’s! If you missed our April Fool’s Day Post, here it is:

No, the new Plug-In Sheet Protector doesn’t need power to work, it provides it. Using solar and thermal energy, the page protector allows you to charge and power electronic devices in a portable location.

Plug-In Sheet Protectors
The new Plug-In Sheet Protector lets you power portable electronic devices in the office and on the go.

The truly innovative aspect of this holder literally lies within the white binding strip. In the binding strip are four USB drives, into which you can plug your laptop, mouse, speakers, phone charger and other small electronics.

By harvesting solar and thermal energies, the sheet protector is able to charge itself within minutes and keep your devices powered for up to 8 hours. Now, you will never be caught with a low battery again.

The top loading sheet protector is made of heavyweight polypropylene for the durable, archival-quality document storage you have always known from a C-Line page protector.

The newest sheet protector product won’t start shipping until May. Until then, get your electrifying enlightenment about the Plug-In Sheet Protector here.

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