Pre-packaged retail displays are here to help you

C-Line Biodegradable Project Folders in a pre-packed retail display

C-Line’s pre-packed retail displays offer many current products in a convenient, stylish, recyclable PDQ option.

This week, I’m blogging to all you store owners out there. I want to tell you about this awesome packaging option C-Line offers for many of its current products – Pre-packed Retail Displays.

Now you can easily stock your shelves with C-Line products.  Just open the retail display and place on your shelf. Each colorful display features the product name on the front for easy identification. When the display is empty, simply recycle it and order a new one.

Available Pre-packaged Retail Displays

The displays are available in a variety of products – from top loading sheet protectors to vinyl report covers with binding bars to expanding files with handles.

Recyclable Retail Display

Also, since the displays are made out of paper and cardboard, they are 100% recyclable. When finished, just place in your recycling or bring to your local recycling center.

And speaking of being aware of your environment, two of the items offered in retail displays are biodegradable products. To bring further attention to these alternative items, their displays are green (as shown in the picture above).

I’m willing to bet that most of you did not even know these handy displays existed. Well, now you do, so give them a try! And if you’re currently using them, tell me about it in the comment section below.

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