Presentation Book Stores Travel Documents for Upcoming Trip

My husband and I are in the process of preparing for a 10-day trip abroad. Being a tourist in a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming with what sites and tours are available to see.

In order to narrow down what we want to visit, I have been doing a lot of research about what our options are. Additionally, as with any trip, there are a lot of important documents that come with your confirmation paperwork once the vacation has been booked

Quickly, my carry-on luggage was getting full between all my research and our travel documents. At first, I used a project folder  to store all the information, but I thought it might be easier to organize the pages in a way that kept them more visible.

So what was the chosen product? I thought the 24-Pocket Presentation Book would be a good fit for this project. Not only could I see my print-outs without removing the pages from the holder, but it would be a secure and compact option for us while traveling.

C-Line's 24-Pocket Bound Sheet Protector Presentation BookPictured here is the customized spine, boarding passes in the front pocket and the itinerary in a sheet protector.

Since each pocket is clear on both sides, we were able to utilize the front and the back to store information, while still keeping it visible. The book’s pages are made of a top-loading, polypropylene material that has an acid-free, archival quality, ensuring pages will be protected.

The storage pocket on the inside would be used for items that I would need access to quickly. For example, our boarding passes will be stored there on the way to the airport and the accommodation voucher will be placed in the pocket on the way to the hotel.

To make my book a little fancy, I made a customized spine insert to jazz it up. Using the template on the C-Line website, I was able to add the trip information and dates. I thought this would make our travel book something cool to keep for the future.

Once my presentation book was organized, I felt more prepared for this trip than before. I stored everything from air tickets and car rental vouchers to the comprehensive itinerary and articles describing “must-see” tourist sites.

Another bonus was that the book easily fit in my travel bag without taking up much space! Creating a central location for all this information was made simple by using this 24-Page Sheet Protector Presentation Book.

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