Presentation Organized to Perfection

Our blog sabbatical is over, and we are back! We know how much you must have missed us, so let’s get right to the organizational office product talk…

It comes as no surprise that presentations are an inevitable and necessary aspect of the business world.  Personally, I have a somewhat love/ hate relationship with preparing presentations. Although they tend to look great once everything is completed, I often struggle with how to assemble all the information.

This may be due in part to the fact that C-Line’s sample room provides a tremendous amount of options for how to organize documents. Everything ranging from presentation books to expanding files was at our disposable, and recently, a few coworkers and I probably considered every option imaginable.

We would normally opt for using C-Line’s three-ring binders with a heavyweight sheet protector to present the review to our customer. However, in this particular case, we wanted to be sure the customer could take notes directly on the pages, so they needed to be loose and accessible.

After countless variations and combinations of all of C-Line’s products, we opted for an assortment of Recycled Project Folders, which would be held in a Reusable Envelope with Hook and Loop Closure. What does this mean you ask? Let’s break it down.

C-Line's Recycled Project FoldersI used all four colors of C-Line’s Recycled Project Folders, which fit perfectly in the Reusable Envelope.

Recycled Project Folders

These folders are closed on two sides and are available in four different colors (clear, red, blue and smoke), which help to separate and identify information by color so they can be easily referenced. Although they are made of polypropylene and are glossy to touch, permanent marker can still be used to label folders. Archival-quality finish ensures presentation documents will remain intact and it eliminates photocopy transfer.

And yes, not only do the project folders secure your documents, but they are also made of 70% pre-consumer recycled content.

C-Line's Fashion Circle Design Reusable EnvelopeCheck out the Fashion Circle Design! It is the latest pattern to be added to C-Line.

Fashion Circle Series Reusable Envelope with Hook and Loop Closure

The Fashion Circle Series is a brand new look that was introduced at the beginning of the year. The design provides a unique, gender neutral twist to popular office products. The best part is that they still are professional in appearance, making the pattern a perfect choice for our presentation.

Since our report itself is not very large in size, the reusable envelope was a great option to choose. Overall, it is more compact then wasting space in a large document case and the hook and loop closure ensures that pages are secure.

Fortunately, this combination of C-Line’s products, both old and new, proved to create an organized, sleek looking presentation that successfully delivered important information to our customer. There is no doubt that we will be using this again!

What C-Line products do you like for presenting materials to customers? Let us know your ideas below!

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