Product printer templates let you easily customize your C-Line products

Have you been to an event and worn a fancy, highly decorated name badge and thought to yourself, “That must have taken a long time to do”? Or have you wanted to make those for your own event, but didn’t know where to start? C-Line is one step ahead with their printer template gallery.

Custom binder labels are easy with C-Line's printer templates and binder label holders
Office product printer templates let you easily and neatly customize many of your C-Line products, including binder labels (as shown above), name badges, media storage and more.

Many of C-Line’s current products are readily available for customization via printing templates – from name badges to binder label holders. You can personalize each badge, tab and label as you want; even add images or company logos. And if you are a teacher or know someone in the education field, have them check out the educational templates for dry erase pockets and dry erase sheets. And have them read all about how to use dry erase pockets in their classroom. In the printer template gallery, you can find printing templates for:

  • Name Badges
  • Name Tents
  • Dry Erase Sheets
  • Dry Erase Pockets
  • Media Storage
  • Index Tabbed Products
  • Binder Label Holders
  • HOL-DEX® Shelf/Bin Label Holders
  • BIND-X® Data Binder Label Holders

Having trouble with the templates from the website? Be sure to read “How to download a template” and you’ll be walked through the process.

Or, if you already in your Microsoft® program, you can access one of our templates from there. Microsoft® has handy instructions on their website on how to find a printer template on your computer.

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