Product Sighting: Car Dealers Uses License Plate Holder While Test Driving Cars

Shop Ticket Holders are one of C-Line’s top selling items. Wonder why? Because each Shop Ticket Holder has its unique feature that can be used in different environments. One of my favorites is the License Plate Holder, which I think is slowly becoming many people’s favorite too.

Recently when I went to the car dealer, I spotted C-Line’s License Plate Holder (Tag Bag) with a Hanging Strap on the back of a test car. I got quite curious and excited because I didn’t know many other companies who made a hanging license plate holder. Also, of course in my opinion C-Line makes the best license plate holder (I’m biased I know). Therefore, I couldn’t resist asking the sales person where they purchased the licenses plate holder, and lo and behold, it was from C-Line.

It’s a good decision for car dealerships or auto shops to utilize this style of Shop Ticket Holder. Not only it can hold a standard license plate, but it is also big enough where you can store keys, locks and other corresponding objects. In addition, the hanging strap makes it very convenient for transporting or hanging.

C-Line's License Plate HolderA quick and temporary way to display a license plate with C-Line’s License Plate Holder during a test drive.

Have you seen any C-Line License Plate Holders at your auto shop or at a car dealership you have visited lately? If so, send us a picture of what you see and share with us how the License Plate Holder have been used.

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