Product Sighting: Factory Requires Visitor Badges During C-Line Staff Visit

Sometimes visiting with other companies can give ideas on how you can change your operation standards in your business. Recently, several individuals from my company went to visit another company in order to learn how they operate everything from their plant to their shipping department.

Upon entering the building, each C-Line staff member was required to provide a photo ID for verification and sign the guest log book. The receptionist instructed everyone to sign the log and take the visitor badge.

Coincidentally, this company was utilizing C-Line’s Times’ Up Registry Log Book to help track factory visitors when they are in the building, while also keeping a record of the visit. The log book creates a badge, in addition to a carbon copy record of the visitor, in a matter of seconds.

C-Line's Times’ Up Registry Log BookThe log book automatically creates a record of each visitor that enters the building.

C-Line employees filled out the information on the badge, such as name, time and date. Once complete, they peeled the badge off the page. The blue tab was tucked inside to begin the 24-hour count down until the badge would say “Void” on it in red letters.

Tracking visitors is important in any building. Not only does it ensure that everyone inside the building is accounted for, but it is also a way to identify a visitor from a staff member, which can be especially beneficial in large companies.

What does your company use for visitor security? Tell us below.

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