Product Sighting: Flip Pocket Creates More Photo Storage in Scrapbook

At C-Line, we love to see how our products are being used. Customers will send us pictures of our items, and it is fun to see all the different, creative ways that they can be used.

When it comes to scrapbooking, there is no one better then my friend’s grandmother, Gloria. She creates scrapbooks for just about every type of holiday, birthday, party and occasion you can imagine. While visiting her recently, she pulled out her Thanksgiving scrapbook from last year and I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar item.

Gloria took so many pictures last year that she wanted to feature as many as she could in her scrapbook. The difficulty she always ran into was that there never seemed to be enough space for all of her memories. She opted for a different approach this year by incorporating C-Line’s Memory Book Scrapbook Flip Pocket.

Memory Book Scrapbook Flip PocketThe adhesive edge is at the top of the pocket so it can be flipped up from the bottom to reveal another picture.

Able to store 4” x 6” size photos, the Flip Pocket has the ability to showcase two photos without taking up more than one photo’s worth of space.

How is this possible you ask? The photo holder has the ability to store and display two photos. Simply attach the adhesive edge to the paper and flip the front photo up to view the other one.

Use the pocket individually or combine with others to create a nice visual element on the page, while also being able to showcase more photos then usual. Flipping the pocket over to reveal another image was a nice surprise when viewing the Thanksgiving memories.

Do you have a unique use of a C-Line product? Send it in to be included in our “Product Sightings” blog.

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