Product Sighting: Hospitals Store Reference Guides with Shop Ticket Holders

Pop quiz time! Do you know when C-Line Products first started producing Shop Ticket Holders, also known as Job Ticket Holders? 1954. Over 60 years, C-Line has created different Shop Ticket Holders and each has its own unique features.

Recently, a friend of mine who is an EMT spotted C-Line’s Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holders with Hanging Straps in the  hospital. I got so excited I had to have him send me pictures of the holder being used.

C-Line's Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holders with Hanging Straps The Shop Ticket Holder is  a sturdy solution for  EMTs to refer to schedules and directions daily.

It’s a good decision for hospitals, or even clinics, to utilize this style of Shop Ticket Holder. Not only can the 9 x 12 pocket can hold papers, catalogs, schedules and more, but the small 9×6 pocket can hold small items such as pens, keys and other corresponding materials related to the job. Plus, the convenient strap and eyelet on the shop ticket holder makes it easy for hanging or transporting.

Now that I have told my friends about this product, all my friends have started to play the “I spy… C-Line’s Shop Ticket Holder Game”! Here are some pictures where they have spotted the Shop Ticket Holders. Do you spy any C-Line Shop Ticket Holders? Send us what you spy and share how the Job Ticket Holders have been used.

C-Line's Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holders with Hanging Straps Check out C-Line’s  Shop Ticket Holder being used at auto shops, clinics and warehouses.

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