Product Sighting: Neon Shop Ticket Holders Store Student Work

At C-Line, we love to see how our products are being used. Customers will send us pictures of our items, and it is fun to see all the different, creative ways that they can be used.

Recently, a grade school teacher reached out to us and sent a picture of her classroom bulletin board. She explained how she used the Neon Shop Ticket Holder to display her students’ work.

C-Line's Neon Stitched Shop Ticket HolderUsing the holders, teachers can make the pages visible while preserving them.

As you can see by the picture, each holder is attached to the bulletin board by placing a thumb tack through the metal eyelet at the top of the holder. The neon stitched colors add a nice visual appeal to the bulletin board.

One of the main reasons this teacher decided to use the shop ticket holder was protection. Not only could the holders display the work, but it also kept papers from being damaged while they are on display! Once the work was removed and changed, the pages could be returned to students in the original condition.

Great idea from a creative C-Line customer!

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