Product Sighting: Shop Ticket Holders Used in the Warehouse

Are you familiar with C-Line’s Shop Ticket Holder with Hanging Straps? They are known to be used in warehouses or harsh environments because of their durability. C-Line recently launched a sister product, which now comes in red stitching.

C-Line's Shop Ticket Holders With Hanging Straps, StitchedJob tickets are hanging right next to their jobs.

At C-Line, Shop Ticket Holders have always been very handy. If you’re like me, you can often find yourself trying to take a mental note of where you left an important document. Often times, the document has important information you need access to regularly. Sometimes the value of that document is just too important to keep at the top of your papers or stacked in a separate pile. Therefore, these clear shop ticket holders with red stitching help warehouse workers by keeping documents in a visible area while both calling attention to its importance and protecting it from harm. Shop Ticket Holders with Hanging Straps are easy to hang on peg boards, any posts, hooks, vehicle mirrors or machinery. The holders are great to have documents that you need to be both easy to find and protected from the elements.

Whether you’re using it in a harsh environment like a warehouse, using it in an office setting, or in a school setting where you need to bring permission slips from school to home, sometimes we need a shop ticket holder that both protects and makes a document stand out among other distractions.

What do you think about C-Line’s new Red Stitched Shop Ticket Holder yet? Would you use it for your business or home?


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