Product Sighting: Trading Card Holder Helps to Declutter Boy’s Room

Recently, during a visit to my cousin’s house, I came across a C-Line product. Upon entering her son’s room, I braced myself for the sight of hundreds of his sports trading cards scattered all over his floor. To my amazement his room was the cleanest I’d ever seen.

He showed me that he bought a 3-ring binder to store all his cards in and sure enough the contents were securely protected with a C-Line Collector’s Edition Trading Card Holder.

With nine, transparent pockets per sheet, fitting 18 cards total per page, his binder was easily able to hold his collection of 3-1/2” x 2-1/2” size sports cards. Along with acid-free protection, these heavyweight polypropylene holders provide durable, long-lasting protection for his collectibles.

This specialty holder not only keeps collectibles safe, but provides some organizational structure. They are a valuable product at home to keep clutter of trading cards, stamps and fabric samples to a minimum.

How do you use trading card holders? Let us know below!

Collector's Edition Trading Card HolderSpecialty card holder proudly displays the sports memorabilia.

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