Project Folders Keep Photos Organized Prior to Scrapbooking

To start, I must first admit that I am a fan of scrapbooking. Not only do I find it to be somewhat of a relaxing activity, but I enjoy the creativity aspect of it and the final outcome is usually something to be proud of.

That being said, scrapbooking is a hobby I would love to do more often, but time constraints reduce the amount of time I can spend on it. That does not mean I have given up though! I still regularly print out photos throughout the year and often separate the ones for the scrapbook from those more ordinary pictures, which will go into regular albums.

C-Line's Project Folder with Antimicrobial ProtectionThe folders have been used to divide and store photos from each season.

In the past, I have stored the scrapbook pictures in various things, such as paper envelopes, zip lock bags and even a cardboard box. However, it is difficult to keep the photos organized or for various size pictures to fit in those items.

Once I began using the Project Folder with Antimicrobial Protection, it was a much easier approach to storing my photos.

Since the folders are 8 1/2 x 11 in size, I was now able to store multiple sizes of photos in the one location. The folder is open on two sides, so the items stored inside it where secure. Also, the front cover has a unique thumb cut, making it easy to access the content of the protect folder.

What makes this folder ideal for photo storage? The polypropylene material, which makes up the folder, is archival-quality, which eliminates the risk of photo copy transfer. In addition, there is a built-in Microban antimicrobial protection on the folder. This protection helps prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi on the folder surface.

The reduced glare finish makes it easy to identify what types of photos are stored within the folder. Also, since the box comes with 25 folders, I have used several different ones to divide my photos based on season, making it quicker to organize the photos when it comes to scrapbooking time.

What are your thoughts on my use of C-Line’s Project Folder with Antimicrobial Protection? Share with us your thoughts!

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