Protect your id with a clip name badge holder

I just found an entirely new use for an old product – the plastic badge holder. Use a clip name badge holder to hold and protect your id badge.

At my gym, everyone is required to carry an id tag, that displays our name, picture and is used to scan in at the fitness center everyday. This is done to make sure only members enter the gym. The id is printed on a plastic credit card-size card. It is small, but since my workout gear doesn’t have pockets, a bit inconvenient to carry around. With the plastic holder, I can scan my tag when I arrive, then clip it to my shirt and forget about it.

clip name badge holder stores your id

Here is a picture of my gym id in a clip name badge holder. The plastic holder protects the id and lets me attach to my clothes during my workout and to my gym when not in use.

Using this holder not only makes it easier while working out, but it also protects the bar code from fading or rubbing off. The id lasts longer, which will also save me money. When joining the gym, the first id is free. But, if you lose or damage your id, you have to pay a fee for a replacement card.

After my workout is complete, I clip the holder (and id) to my gym bag and go.

2 Responses to “Protect your id with a clip name badge holder”

  1. Jean Says:

    Great idea – I’m going to use it for my gym ID as well!

  2. Katrina Says:

    I think everybody needs a clip name badge holder for ID protection and avoid missing IDs especially for students. ID is always replaceable when lost but think of the time and the money you will spend in applying for a replacement so why not do some precautionary measures, right?

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