Put the ‘Pro’ in ‘Project’ Folders for This Tax Season

Hello, office supply enthusiasts! Haven’t heard any updates about C-Line products lately, huh? Well, you came to the right spot! As a new member of the C-Line family, I am here to learn with you and catch you all up on our new tips and tricks that will help you while using our wonderful products.

“Yay, it’s tax season!!” – said no one. Are you already overwhelmed by just reading the phrase tax season? No worries, you are in good hands. Here are some easy-to-use tricks that helped me through this stressful time of year. I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you too.

“How should I start?” – Prioritize

Make a list of what documents are needed prior to meeting with your accountant. Seeing all your tasks in front of you will give you direction on what to prioritize on your “to do” list and help you stay on top of it. Using C-Line’s Colored Project Folders with Write-On Tab, which are clear on both sides, enables you to ensure you have inserted the appropriate documents inside each folder. For easy labeling, our project folders allow you to write on the tab with either a pencil, ball-point pen, or permanent marker without using an additional label sticker to indicate what materials are inside the folder. Also, since the project folder is open on two sides, it gives you easy access to your documents.

C-Line's Write-On Project FoldersInsert your own checklist in the write-on project folder.

Trick: Don’t let big projects scare you away. Break down big tasks into smaller more manageable ones and complete them one at a time. It will not only be easier to tackle, but also give you a sense of accomplishment every time you complete each small task. Continue completing the smaller tasks and before you know it the big task is done.

“How should I better organize?” – Sort

As you start tackling all your tax files, you might realize it is hard to keep track of every file! Our assorted color project folders offer you the option of color coding your tax documents. There are 5 different colors to choose from; red, blue, yellow, gray and green. As seen in the picture below, I used the yellow color project folder to store all 2016 tax documents, the green color project folder to store all 2017 tax documents, etc. The project folder also has a gusseted corner that allows the folders to expand to hold up to 100 pages.

C-Line's Write-On Project Folderscolor coordinate with the assorted color write-on project folders.

Trick: Tax prep sounds boring? Projects are bleh? Don’t let them bog you down. Sort by color or even add your own jazz to your project folders by creating a unique hand drawn design on the write-on tab.

“How am I supposed to stay motivated?” – Cover

You’ve created your to-do list and you sorted all your documents. However, things are still not going as planned. I understand. We are all human. Sometimes distractions happen. It might be a good idea to take a break and refocus. While you are taking a break, create a cover sheet for your documents. Some need a cute workout outfit to be motivated to hit the gym. Why not try and create a neat cover for your folder to motivate you to do your taxes?

C-Line's Write-On Project FoldersDIY your own cover sheet for the write-on project folders.

Trick: The letter sized folder (11” x 8 -1/2”) gives you a variety of opportunities to create your own cover sheet where you can add your own flare to your folder. Just use standard copy paper for your cover page and let your creativity run wild. In addition to personalizing your folder, your file will now have extra protection so others will not be able to see your confidential documents. We don’t want others seeing our personal information, do we now?

This tax season can be a great starting point for you to be a pro in organizing. Make your home or office more efficient with our project folders. Since it is almost St. Patrick’s Day, we do hope our project folders help you get your pot of gold by the end of this tax season!

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