Q and A: Attaching Electronic Files to Hard Copies of Tax Documents

Often times, our customers look to us to make suggestions on how to use our items to solve an organizational problem. Whether they need help for a particular situation or just want more information on how to best use a product, we at C-Line are happy to guide them in the right direction!

Here is a recent question we received from a customer.


I have a storage dilemma! After my taxes are filed, my accountant usually provides me with a CD of all the tax information. It has electronic copies of what we filed, in addition to W2 information, investment statements, etc. Typically, I create a binder for the tax year and store all the documents inside it. Ideally, I would like to store the CD with the binder to keep all the information together, but I haven’t found a way to make this happen.


It is a great idea to store you back-up electronic files with your hard copies. Many binders protect documents, but may not have a designated space two store one or two CDs.

C-Line has a whole category of products devoted to Media Storage. My recommendation would be to use the Self-Adhesive CD Holders.

Peel off the backing and secure the adhesive side of the holder directly to the binder’s inside cover. Once secure, slide in the accountant’s CD. The top loading holder will store one CD at a time, usually more than one will fit on a letter-size binder cover.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive CD HolderThe CD is secure and in place inside the holder when it is affixed to the binder.

What did you think of our suggestion? If you are encountering some organizational woes, feel free to add a comment with your question and we will answer it in our next Q and A blog post!

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