Real Estate Agent Puts Legal Size Expanding File to the Test

For some reason, I LOVE legal size filing products! I love everything from our sleek-looking document case to our newly added write-on project folders. The unfortunate thing is that I rarely get to utilize them since I never have a need for legal size documents.

This is why I was so excited when my real estate agent friend contacted me about one of our new legal size files. After seeing the product on our website, he felt that this item would be a perfect tool for him to use while meeting with clients and touring homes.

The 13-Pocket Legal Size Expanding File has all the same features as our letter size files. Pre-printed tab inserts, archival quality poly… and the list goes on.

C-Line's 13-Pocket Legal Size Poly Expanding File, SmokeThe pre-printed tabs help to organize and identify the dividers within the expanding file.

After my friend purchased the item, I asked him to list off the top five reasons why he liked the product. Here is what he sent me.

  1. Love the neutral smoke color! It was professional for work and was not too transparent.
  2. The size made it possible to have legal size contracts with me while out on the road, which was awesome.
  3. The file is compact, but I was surprisingly able to fit a lot into it. Now, I store basically everything I need for meetings in this file, instead of carrying multiple portfolios/folders.
  4. The elastic closure is secure enough to contain all the paperwork in the expanding file even while driving.
  5. The multi-pocket feature was important for keeping sections and dividing up the paperwork so I could find it easier while I am at an appointment.

All the features of the expanding file seemed to be put to good use here! Although I am jealous that my friend gets to enjoy this large file, I will settle for using the letter-size version of it for now.

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