Realtor Reorganizes with Clipboard Folder and Zippered Expanding File Combo

Relationships are essential when it comes to being successful in the world of real estate. My friend, a local realtor, has been in the business for many years and understands the importance of communication.

His biggest challenge is keeping all of his clients straight, while trying to remember every detail about what they are looking for in their next home. To help him, he travels with an exceptionally large binder that he lugs around to every appointment. The binder has everything from new client forms to current customer information, so he is prepared even if he is not in the office.

While the binder idea could be helpful in theory, it is too large to truly be functional. Carting the binder in and out of showings seemed like a waste of time, so we worked together to reorganize his documentation system.

The Clipboard Folder would now accompany my friend to every appointment and showing he had. Lightweight, this product would enable him to takes notes throughout the duration of the tour, documenting the client’s comments and feedback about various features of the home. Since the clipboard is firm, it made it easy to write on while walking throughout a unit.

C-Line's Clipboard FolderHere is an example of how we organized the clipboard folder! What are your thoughts?

Once the folder was open, there was space to store a variety of items. In the inside front pocket, business cards would be stored, in addition to any hand-outs or information that would be given to the clients.

If an item was too large for the pocket, my friend could store it loosely in the folder, keeping all information together, while still protecting the larger item.

Since the clip has the ability to store up to 75 letter-size pages, we would use this space to store a writing pad and the company’s customer form. My friend would have the ability to complete client forms, while making notes on the writing pad all within the same area. This eliminated shuffling through pages, and would ultimately make him appear professional and prepared.

So, while the clipboard folder took care of documents during client meetings, we still needed a solution to organizing current customer information when my friend is out of the office. When thinking of what to use, I remember a blog post that was done a while ago. The post suggests using the Zippered Expanding File and Write-on Project Folders to organization files when you are on the road.

Using this system, my friend was able to keep a compact expanding file in the car, instead of bringing it with to appointments. He stored extra company forms as well as copies of all his current clients’ forms, so that he could access information when he was out of the office.

My friend’s new system was a practical solution to his over-sized binder. Do you travel for work? Share with us how stay organized below.

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