Recess at Work Day lets employees enjoy a new way to relax

Today is Recess at Work Day. Celebrate by putting down your sheet protectors, report cover and project folders, and picking up a jump rope, grabbing an ice cream cone or whatever you can think of to rediscover the enjoyment of your childhood.

That’s right, as a way to promote employee wellness and happiness, employers are setting aside time for employees to have a recess today. It can be anything from volunteering or community service to a walk in a nearby park. Anything to break up the normal routine of the workday. So, wherever you are, make sure to stop what you are doing for 30 minutes and enjoy a recess from work today.

And what is C-Line doing for Recess at Work Day? Well, we moved ours up a few weeks and combined it with our 60th anniversary celebration earlier this month! And yes, it was a blast!

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